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Training control

Judge control to activate the functions of the remote start module for competition robots (Remote Robot Trigger).

Main features:

Low current consumption (2.5mA in standby and 11mA Active)

Supply voltage: 3V

Dual IR LEDs for increased power

Up to 2m range


The Training Control is capable of activating up to 3 functions of the Remote Robot Trigger module:

1.- General reset:

This function sends the signal to the module to exit whatever function it is currently in, that is, it turns off its pins leaving them in a low logic state (0V), the LEDs will also turn off completely.

2.- “RDY” function:

When the Judge presses the RDY button on his control, the module will turn on the Red LED and turn on the corresponding pin, in this way, both the judge and the competitor will be able to verify that the module is connected correctly and also that it is ready to enter the following way .

Technically it is not necessary for the robot to detect or read this pin, however the connection pin with digital output is provided, in case the team considers it convenient to use it.

3.- “GO” function:

The "GO" or start function is the one that tells the robot to start its operation in combat mode.

The pin corresponding to this function will be in a low logic state (0V) when the module is in any other operating mode.

The robot must be inactive when the pin is at 0V and must wait until it changes state to start working, when the pin changes state, it will also light the green LED to visually corroborate the correct operation of the module.

It is recommended that the robot only detect the change of state (from 0v to supply voltage), it does not need to read the pin all the time.

This is just the Training Control, the robot must have a Remote Robot Trigger installed to fulfill the functions specified above.

Requires a 3V battery type CR2032 (included).

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