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Includes sample code!
Printed circuit board that serves as chassis for line follower.

Compatible with EDF27 turbine (not included)

Compatible with pololu or fingertech motors (not included).

Compatible with Arduino nano (not included).

Compatible with 8 analog sensor bar or 16 multiplexed sensors (not included).

Uses MAX14870 drivers (not included)

It comes already armed with what you see in the photo which is:

2 Boost sources
1 2A stepdown source
Capacitors, LEDs, resistors and SMD buttons.

2-cell battery connector.
Ignition switch.

All the pins used on the arduino are indicated on the PCB, so you just have to check the board to know where everything is connected.

Includes only the components that can be seen in the photo.

Printed Circuit For Line Follower, For Edf27 Turbine

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