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The optoreflective sensor QRE1113GR is one of the most used in a large number of applications and products, some of the best known sensor bars for line follower and / or sumo occupy it.

Its size helps a lot in limited spaces.

The price includes the 10kOms and 330 Ohms resistors needed to make the sensor work (resistors in SMD 0805 packaging).

Optoreflective Sensor QRE1113GR (includes resistors)

  • Sensing distance: 3mm

    Sensing method: Reflective

    Collector-Emitter Interrupt Voltage (Max): 30V

    Collector Current (Ic Max.): 20mA

    Forward Direct Current (If): 50mA

    Output Type: Phototransistor

    Response time: 20uS

    Operating temperature: -40 ~ 80 ° C

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