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Remember if you have technical questions about any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us by email:

If you require a quote or want to know about existence and / or delivery time, you can do it by mail:

Currently, we do not have people dedicated to answering phones, so we prefer above all things, to answer any technical questions and comments via email, this allows us to keep our prices low and within everyone's reach.

We also do not offer support via SMS messages or by WhatsApp, telegram or any other mobile messaging service since it is not the most optimal means to do so.

Our phone: 5540497142

Which we attend from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

Guarantee and return policy

In general in electronic components, there is no guarantee, however at, we seek to offer you the products with the highest quality and benefits, in all cases we will offer the same guarantee conditions that the manufacturer of the product offers.

In the event that the manufacturer covers the product in question with its warranty, the shipping costs and expenses will be borne by the customer.

For this reason, we invite you to review all the technical characteristics of the products and the tutorials that we have and that we will publish about it so that you can be sure that what you buy is what you need.

If you are interested in knowing the type of warranty that covers the product you are interested in, please send an email to


We offer tax invoices, however it is important to put the complete billing information when placing the order and / or put them in the observations of the same. Due to the new tax laws we have to make a daily general invoice for all sales in which a fiscal invoice has not been requested and thus comply with the requirements of said law.

Invoices must be requested no later than the same day of payment of the order, otherwise we will not be able to issue the fiscal invoice for the order in question.

Information about the status of your order.

Your order will be prepared and shipped the same business day that the payment is registered, as long as it is carried out before 2pm.

The guide number will be sent to you no later than the next business day after the order has been delivered in the parcel.

If you require additional information about the order, you can request it by e-mail

Purchase order cancellations.

If a purchase order does not have the corresponding payment after 5 business days, we assume that the customer has decided at the last minute not to make the purchase, and therefore, we proceed to cancel the order to have the stock of products available for the people who are interested in acquiring them.

If the client has completed the entire purchase process (including payment), it is very difficult for us to make a cancellation, so in this way we do not commit to perform that service.

Products out of stock:

Normally we remove products that are not in stock from the page and put them back until new parts of the same product arrive.

In the event that for some reason, the stock we have of the product has ended due to the multiple sales channels that we handle, outside the online store, it will be supplied as soon as possible, always informing the client of everything that happened with your order.

Shipping policies.

1) Our prices are net, VAT included and do not carry hidden costs so we do not have a cost for handling packages.

2) Packages are sent by different packages depending on the destination area, always looking for the best relationship between costs and delivery time.

3) Orders are dispatched according to how the purchase orders and payments are made, currently it takes us to send the packages from 1 to 6 business days depending on the workload. However, we do our best to ensure that all packages are sent the same day as long as the order and payment thereof and receipt of proof of payment from us have been made before 1pm, otherwise we cannot ensure shipment of the order the same day.

4) All shipments without insurance within the Mexican Republic have a cost of MX $ 185.


5) Insured shipments have a base price of $ 185 plus 4% of the total cost of the order.

6) Quotations with components outside of our catalog have different delivery times and costs.

7) International shipments can be made by express parcel with an approximate cost of $ 40 US dollars, they can also be done by normal mail (EMS) with a cost of $ 10 dollars.

8) The difference between one shipment and another is the delivery time, in the first option it is days and in the second it is weeks.

9) Personal deliveries in Mexico City at the 18 de Marzo, Lindavista, Riobamba, Martin Carrera or Gustavo A. Madero metrobus stations may have a cost depending on the amount, this can be verified in the shopping cart.

10) does not perform the package transport service, the client accepts this fact and also accepts that the responsibility of ends when the package is delivered to the company that will be in charge of providing this service and It will be responsible for delivering the package in a timely manner.

11) The option of sending insured packages has a higher cost than normal shipping, however we highly recommend insuring your order due to the insecure conditions that exist in our country.

12) In the event that the user or customer chooses the uninsured shipping method, he accepts that in the event of any loss in his package, there will be no way to obtain any benefit or return, neither in kind nor cash.

13) The way the cost of shipping with insurance is calculated is as follows.

There is a general base cost for the entire Mexican Republic of MX $ 185 and to this cost is added 4% of the total value of the order.

14) The parcel company charges a deductible of 20% of the total cost of the declared value for the package in the event of a claim, this cost must be fully covered in a period of less than 15 calendar days.

15) In the event that the customer refuses to pay the cost of the deductible in the event of a claim, the responsibility is limited to sending the customer the proof of claim delivered by the parcel company.

16) The customer has full responsibility for the shipping address that he provides and to follow up his package with the tracking number provided, since we only send the package to where indicated, you must take into account that the Parcel services deliver at indeterminate hours, so you must have the availability and time to receive your package, in addition to the fact that it is required to show an official identification and sign in most cases.

17) The package is shipped in a timely manner, however the parcel company has no way of ensuring that the package is delivered at a specific time or time it is also likely that due to unusual conditions or situations it takes a little more in the delivery, this is a situation that hardly happens, but it is likely to pass.

18) If the customer's address is located in areas of difficult access or high risk, it is likely that the package will take 5 to 10 business days even if we have paid for the shipment in 1 or 2 business days.

19) In the event that the client for reasons beyond his own or his own, does not have the availability to receive the package, he must call the parcel company to see the necessary logistics to pick it up at one of the offices of said company of parcels.

20) If the customer does not receive or collect his package within the times established by the parcel, it will be returned to our facilities with an additional shipping cost (according to the policy of the parcel company), since the parcel company would charge the shipping back.

21) The client accepts that all the expenses generated by the non-receipt of the package and its subsequent forwarding are at their own expense.

22) If the client chooses to send it by certified mail, he accepts that the delivery time may vary from 5 to 21 business days.

Non-business days:

Our office hours are from 10am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday. We are not always on the phone, so we recommend you use the email, to communicate with us.

Discount prices:

At, we understand that students do not have such easy access to money, which is why on many occasions they are offered discounted prices. Under different dynamics both on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

All discount prices, as soon as they are presented, are offered solely and exclusively for students who must present their valid university credential with the corresponding valid stamp.

Technical support., offers technical support in the use of the products it offers, this service is free and is valid for up to 15 calendar days after purchase. This service exclusively covers doubts about the commissioning of the purchased product., has no obligation to offer sample codes or to operate codes customized by the user, even based on the codes we offer. In case you require personalized advice about specific or personalized applications, this has a cost per hour or per project as the case may be. Technical support is offered exclusively on products purchased directly from any of our sales channels or official distributors.

Responsibilities and co-responsibilities.

The content has been designed and published with the utmost care, despite this, the company cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of all the information and, therefore, will not accept any responsibility derived from the use of it. It is the customer's responsibility to review the datasheet, user manual and / or documentation of the product that he wishes to buy, in case it is not available in the catalog and / or website, he can request it at where it will be provided. as quickly as possible.

Almost all the products we offer are quite easy to use, however in all cases the user is required to have knowledge of electronics and / or programming. It is also required that the client has the availability and time to read the manuals and tutorials of the products carefully to achieve the objectives of their project.

The client is responsible for the proper selection of products for his project, has no responsibility to change products or components if the user did not choose correctly what he requires, since it is his responsibility to do the corresponding research to ensure that what you ask for is what you really need.

We provide tools for use, however, it depends largely on the attention, knowledge and skill of the user to make your application prosper.

Due to this, cannot take any responsibility, directly or indirectly, for the success or failure of a personal and / or academic and / or industrial and / or business project in which the client is involved., disclaims any responsibility for the misuse of the products it offers, as well as any illegitimate uses that the user could give them.

The products published and / or offered by are not recommended for military, medical or life support applications.

Completing the purchase process in our online store or through a formal quote with directly implies acceptance of these terms and conditions of purchase and service .

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