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This is a 16 multiplexed sensor bar specially designed for competition line trackers.

It has 16 QRE1113 sensors multiplexed through a 74hc4067 circuit, this allows the 16 sensors to be read using only 6 pins of the microcontroller (if the LON pin is connected to Vcc permanently, only 5 pins of the microcontroller would be used).

They can be used with our sensor bar holders.

It can also be used in conjunction with our 0.5mm FCC / FCC connector to 2.54mm header converter kit w / cable

We have the example library for Arduino!

Bar of 16 multiplexed optoreflective sensors (QRE1113) (74HC4067)

  • Voltaje de alimentación: 5V

    Corriente de consumo: ~120mA

    Tamaño exterior: 135.12mm*23.5mm

    Ancho de las perforaciones: 2.2mm

    Peso: ~6 gramos


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