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When designing a line follower robot, one should always seek to reduce the weight to the maximum, however, sometimes the scarcity of materials or tools limits us. This adapter helps us to reduce the weight of the connection that goes from the chassis to the 16 sensor bar, the price is for both adapters from FCC / FCC with 0.5mm pitch to header with 2.54mm pitch (Does not include robot follower of line or sensor bar) Includes: 2 FCC / FCC adapters with 0.5mm pitch to 8-pin header with 2.54mm pitch 1 8-pin cable with ~ 10cm length for FCC / FCC connectors with 0.5mm pitch Can be use with our 16 multiplexed sensor bar

FCC / FCC 0.5mm to 2.54mm header Converter Kit w / cable

  • Maximum Voltage 60V

    Maximum Current: 0.5A

    Cable length: ~ 15cm

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