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These types of LEDs have many uses, including ambience spaces or as indicator LEDs.

By having the three basic colors in a single LED they can be combined to achieve almost any possible color.
Usually the light intensity is changed with PWM.

The price is for 3 pieces.

The colors are illustrative, there may be variations in the exact color.

5mm diffuse RGB type LEDs (red, green and blue)

  • Red LED

    Voltage: 1.9 ~ 2.2V

    Color temperature: 620-625K

    Luminous intensity: 300-500mcd

    Green LED

    Voltage: 2.9-3.4V

    Color temperature: 520-523K

    Luminous intensity: 1000-1500mcd

    Blue LED

    Voltage: 2.9-3.4V

    Color temperature: 467-470k

    Luminous intensity: 500-800mcd

    Maximum current per LED: 20mA

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