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AVR microcontrollers are very reliable and have very good features, this programmer allows you to program the most common license plates on the market.

It is based on the design of the USBASP, which has a lot of documentation on the internet.

AVR Programmer by USB ISP (EvUSBASP)

  • AT89S51, AT89S52

    AT86RF401, AT90CAN32, AT90CAN64, AT90CAN128,

    AT90PWM2, AT90PWM2B, AT90PWM3, AT90PWM3B,

    AT90PWM81, AT90PWM216, AT90PWM316, AT90S1200,

    AT90S2313, AT90S2323, AT90S2343, AT90S4414, AT90S4433,

    AT90S4434, AT90S8515, AT90S8535, AT90SCR100H, AT90USB82,

    AT90USB162, AT90USB646, AT90USB647, AT90USB1286, AT90USB1287,

    ATmega8, ATMEGA8A, ATmega8U2, ATmega8HVA, ATmega16, ATmega16A,

    ATmega16HVA, ATmega16HVB, ATmega16M1, ATMEGA16U2, ATmega16U4,

    ATmega32, ATMEGA32A, ATmega32C1, ATmega32HVB, ATmega32M1, ATmega32U2,

    ATMEGA32U4, ATmega32U6, ATmega48, ATmega48P, ATmega48PA, ATMEGA64, ATmega64A,

    ATmega64C1, ATmega64M1, ATmega88, ATMEGA88P, ATMEGA88PA, ATMEGA103, ATmega128,

    ATMEGA128A, ATmega128RFA1, ATmega161, ATMEGA162, ATMEGA163, ATMEGA164P, ATMEGA164PA,


    ATMEGA323, ATMEGA324, ATmega324PA, ATmega325, ATmega325P, ATmega328P, ATmega329,

    ATmega329P, ATmega406, ATMEGA640, ATMEGA644, ATMEGA644P, ATmega644PA, ATmega645,

    ATmega649, ATmega1280, atmega1281, ATMEGA1284P, ATMEGA2560, atmega2561, ATMEGA3250,

    ATmega3250P, ATmega3290, ATmega3290P, ATmega6450, ATmega6490, ATMEGA8515, ATMEGA8535,

    ATTINY10, ATTINY11, ATTINY12, ATtiny13, ATTINY13A, ATtiny15, ATtiny22, ATTINY24, ATTINY24A,

    ATtiny25, ATtiny26, ATtiny28, ATTINY43U, ATTINY44, ATTINY44A, ATtiny45, ATTINY48, ATTINY84,

    ATtiny85, ATTINY88, ATtiny167, ATtiny261, ATtiny261A, attiny461 ATTINY861, ATTINY861A, ATtiny2313, ATtiny2313A

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