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Many times we need to drive loads in alternating current from our microcontroller, however, we are afraid to do so since we know that working with alternating current at high voltage is quite dangerous.

This card already has 2 relays included, in addition each relay has its own opto isolator, which protects our circuit from any accident that happens on the high voltage side.

It only requires 5V to work and the connection to 2 pins of the microcontroller to drive both relays.

Card with 2 opto isolated relays

  • The card has 4 pins:

    GND: connects to circuit ground

    IN1: Controls relay 1

    IN2: Controls relay 2

    VCC: Here the 5V is connected to feed the circuit

    Each relay supports up to 10A - 250VAC

    Special care must be taken with the maximum current of the load to be connected since if it exceeds the specifications it can damage or leave the relay stuck.

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